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Agon Console8

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Estimated release date is 17th Dec 2023

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Proudly designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Please note:- This is a pre-order listing for the next batch of Agon Console8 systems and joypads expected towards the end of the year. We will ship as soon as possible.

If you are a customer in the USA, please check back here again in a short while. We are currently finishing off FCC approvals for the Agon Console8. Once finished this will enable ordering and shipping to the USA as soon as FCC is completed and certified. Apologies for the delay.

This listing is for a fully assembled and tested Agon Console8 Joypad. This is intended to be used with the Agon Console8 computer system, but can also be used on various computer and game systems supporting the 9pin Atari/Commodore/Mastersystem connection.

It has two action buttons and a fully 3D printed enclosure with 3D printed D-pad and buttons.

What you will receive: (Agon Console8 Joypad)

  • Hand assembled and tested Agon Console8 Joypad.
  • Agon Console8 Joypad sticker - applied.

For more information about Agon Console8, please see other listings and the details below.

Neil has also produced a video all about the Agon ecosystem and our Agon Console8 system, please see below - 

The Agon Console8 system is made for those who want to learn, or go back to coding, and has the BBC BASIC programming language built into it as standard.

Agon Console8 promotes learning and education about coding and programming, angled towards the fun and creative aspects of software development, gaming and software structure. It’s easy and intuitive to use, whilst being a fast and powerful platform which allows users to make their own games and application programs.

The Agon Console8 builds on the Agon platform, which is a fully open-source 8-bit microcomputer and microcontroller in one small, low-cost board, built with modern technology.

The Agon Console8 is a close collaboration between Heber Ltd and the original designer of the Agon platform, Bernardo Kastrup. For more information about the Console8 and the Agon platform please visit

The Agon Console8 comes with a custom 3D printed enclosure


  • VGA screen output
  • Keyboard and mouse input
  • Dual Gamepad inputs (Player 1 & 2)
  • Sound output
  • Easy to use system
  • Built in protection against short circuits
  • Support for simultaneous devices e.g., two players or joystick and mouse
  • Upgradable firmware to add future device support and updates
  • Agon community for support and development
  • Built to a high standard by Heber Ltd and thoroughly tested before shipping

A deluxe kit is also available if you need a keyboard, joypad, micro SD card, power cable and stand, please see other listings.

All enclosures are 3D printed in house on our 3D printer farm under the guidance of designer Richard Horne. Richard is an expert in the 3D printing field and author of “3D Printing for Dummies” 3rd Edition.

Please note: colours may differ from those shown due to different filament batches, varying lighting conditions and/or device settings.  

All other items shown in images are for illustration only and are not part of what you will receive in this listing.

If you would like to further enhance the 3D printed enclosure, a range of printed vinyl finishes are available from our friends at


Shipping Information:

Orders will be shipped within 1-2 weeks of order being placed. Items will be shipped together if multiple items are purchased. When an item is pre-ordered, any other items in the order will be shipped with the pre-order product.


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This product is designed and manufactured by Heber Ltd.

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