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Super CTRLDock NES & SNES Interface (PCB ONLY)


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The Super CTRLDock joins the CTRLDock Classic SE in the current range of controller interfaces.

This listing is for the PCB and connector cable only. The Super CTRLDock is also available in a specially designed 3D printed case.

The Super CTRLDock adds low latency (around 2ms) support for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) gamepads, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) gamepads, and the SNES Mouse allowing them to be used on a wide range of gaming systems.

What you will receive

  • Built and Tested Super CTRLDock PCB

The Super CTRLDock PCB is assembled and ready to use.

A compatible USB connector cable can be found here


  • Compatible with Nintendo Entertainment Systems control pads
  • Mouse speed switch to change the speed of the SNES mouse
  • Digital and analogue device support
  • Low latency, around 2ms
  • Built in protection against short circuits for the many classic controller wiring types
  • Support for simultaneous devices e.g. two players or joystick and mouse
  • Upgradable firmware to add future device support and updates
  • Built to a high standard by Heber Ltd and thoroughly tested before shipping
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

It is compatible with:

  • The MiSTer Multisystem
  • Raspberry Pi systems
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac O/S
  • Nintendo Switch (alternative Super CTRLDock firmware - see link to Github above)
  • Many more systems with a USB port compatible with HID


The full user manual can be found here

Super CTRLDock (Standard) firmware is here - Heber-co-uk/SuperCTRLDock: Super CTRLDock firmware - NES & SNES retro controllers via Low latency USB interface (

The alternative firmware must be programmed for Super CTRLDock to work on the Nintendo Switch.

Super CTRLDock (Switch) firmware - Heber-co-uk/SuperCTRLDock-Switch: Super CTRLDock firmware to allow retro controllers support on the Nintendo Switch console (

All CTRLDock Firmware can be found on the Heber Github - Heber-co-uk (Heber Ltd) (

Two NES and two SNES gamepads may be connected directly to the Super CTRLDock, and up to four NES controllers and eight SNES controllers may be connected at the same time using the Nintendo Four Score™ and MultiPlayer 5 accessories.

Each port is equipped with a 100mA resettable fuse on the 5V connection and resistors on the other signal lines to protect the Super CTRLDock and control system in the event of a short circuit.


All other items shown in images are for illustration only and are not part of what you will receive in this listing.


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Heber Ltd

This product is designed and manufactured by Heber Ltd.

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