MiSTer Multisystem PCB (Single)

MiSTer Multisystem

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This is a single MiSTer Multisystem (MMS) Bare PCB, ready to be used for component soldering.

This PCB is produced in the UK to the highest quality standards and is RoHS (lead free) and REACH compliant.

If you wish to source your own components and build up a Multisystem motherboard, this is a great starting point.

PCB Board : 56-23005-3

Board Construction:

Material to be 1.6mm FR4 4-layer PCB lead-free (RoHS compliant) with an Electroless Nickel Immersion (ENIG) finish.
Green solder resist on both sides including vias.

White on component face.


Waste Strips:
10mm on top and bottom edges of panel.
4 off 3.5 mm tooling holes, one in each corner of panel (in waste strip), 5 x 5 mm from edges.
Add fiducials to waste strip corners

Full source files and documentation is available from our GitHub page - Heber-co-uk/Multisystem: The MiSTer Multisystem console Hardware PCB - FPGA platform (github.com)

If you wish to use the GERBER files to produce your own PCB's, please feel free. This is a design we have released as open source under a GPL3.0 License.

Further images, a bill of materials and lots more details are available here - Multisystem/images at main · Heber-co-uk/Multisystem (github.com)

What you will receive - 

You will receive One (1) Bare PCB board for the MiSTer Multisystem - 56-23005-3


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