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The Cave

The Cave

21st Sep 2023

Created by Neil Thomas of the popular RMC Retro YouTube channel, The Cave hosts a collection of playable home computers, consoles, handheld electronic games and video games, set alongside an expansive library of old computing literature and a reconstructed high street games shop.

You can expect to find old favourites such as Sinclair's ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64, Nintendo's NES and the Sega Mega Drive, as well as exotic systems that were exclusive to other regions, such as the Sharp X68000 and Nintendo's Virtual Boy.

The Cave plots gaming history from the very first home console, the Magnavox Odyssey of 1972, through to the consoles, microcomputers and PCs of the early 2000s, encompassing the rare, the common and even the throwaway contributions to home entertainment that helped create the multibillion pound industry of today.

We’re proud of the community of visitors who regularly visit The Cave to learn, enjoy and reminisce with each other, as well as the younger generation who come to learn about the origins of their favourite games and characters. Everyone is welcome in The Cave, and we look forward to meeting and sharing this unique space with you.

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