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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

10th Jan 2024


All shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

Orders of in stock items will be shipped within 1 week of the order being placed. Items will be shipped together if multiple items are purchased.

When an item is pre-ordered, any other items in the order will be shipped with the pre-order product when it becomes available.

We currently ship all items to the UK and European countries.

Not all products are available for shipping to the US, Canada and Australia at the moment. This is due to certain items waiting on the correct certification needed for shipping. If an item is not available for shipping to your chosen country you will be notified at checkout.


Items available to pre-order will have information about the expected release date within the product listing description.

Whilst these dates may be subject to change, we will always endeavour to meet them.


All items shipped to the UK have the CA certification and European countries have CE certification and meet the EU safety, health and environmental protection standards.

All items shipped to the US have FCC certification.


The products available in this shop have been designed, manufactured and supplied by Heber Ltd.

Heber Ltd is an electronics design and production company with 40 years’ experience within the sector. They design and manufacture cost-effective electronic control systems for the consumer, commercial and industrial markets.

All enclosures available are 3D printed in house on our 3D printer farm under the guidance of designer Richard Horne. Richard is an expert in the 3D printing field and author of “3D Printing for Dummies” 3rd Edition.

Heber products are built to a high standard in the UK. Most items start as small batches and are thoroughly tested by the Heber team and our small community of testers.

Find out more about Heber here

MiSTer Multisystem 

We are not currently manufacturing assembled MiSTer Multisystem boards. Unassembled PCB boards are available, along with components, from this store. Please view the MiSTer Multisystem section for more information

Fully assembled MiSTer Multisystem boards are available from:

The Heber MiSTer Multisystem (MMS) now released as an Open Source Hardware design. Full source files and documentation is available from our GitHub page - Heber-co-uk/Multisystem: The MiSTer Multisystem console Hardware PCB - FPGA platform (