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Super Video Custard Cartridge for Multisystem (with Enclosure)

MiSTer Multisystem

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The Super Video Custard adds high-quality S-Video, Composite Video and line-level stereo audio connections to the MiSTer Multisystem and other MiSTer cores.

This main listing is for the assembled Super Video Custard PCB fitted into a Yellow 3D printed enclosure.

Please see other listing options if you wish to order the built cartridge PCB on it's own 

What you will receive:

  • Built and Tested Super Video Custard PCB
  • Assembled into a 3D printed enclosure (Yellow).

The Super Video Custard PCB is assembled and ready to use.

The data sheet/manual can be downloaded here

A choice of PAL and NTSC is supported, and the VGA or SCART output on the MiSTer Multisystem can be used at the same time as the S-Video and/or Composite outputs.

This is a dedicated hardware solution for S-video and Composite video output, adaptor cables are not required, just the standard S-video cable or 3 phono cables for composite and audio.

This product is designed and manufactured by Heber Ltd in the UK

All Enclosures are 3D printed in house on our 3D printer farm.  For more information visit our blog. 

Please note:

  • Colours may differ from those shown due to different filament batches, varying lighting conditions and/or device settings.  
  • All other items shown in images are for illustration only and are not part of what you will receive in this listing.

If you wish to 3D print your own enclosure, slice tray, and accessories, the 3D design files for this and many other enclosures are available here - Printables (Multisystem - Heber)


Shipping Information:

Orders will be shipped within 1-2 weeks of order being placed. Items will be shipped together if multiple items are purchased. When an item is pre-ordered, any other items in the order will be shipped with the pre-order product.


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